You’re upsetting people. Good!

You’re upsetting people. Good!

Yesterday in McGregor, where we live, I was standing out on Main St. with my “HELL IS A LIE” sign, when a black suburban pulled up next to me. The driver was wearing a badge but the car was unmarked. It was the actual Chief of Police. He said people were calling about me, upset about me holding a sign, so he figured he should come check it out himself, chewin’ a cigar.

He told the people calling on me that I had a right to be out there. He said, “People callin’ in on you, upset,” and I said, “Good!” 

I’ve have some very good conversations with people stopping out of curiosity and only a few people telling me I would be going to hell. Many thumbs-up from passersby, plus some “naughty-naughty” index finger waggles. A little cursing at me. Which is, ah, a bit of a head-scratcher. Some folks really need them some hell, it seems; I’m sad for those folks. It’s been a very good experience, good and bad measured out, but productive in either case. 
Hell Is A Lie
My “Hell Is A Lie” Sign

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