The False Doctrine of the Trinity

The False Doctrine of the Trinity

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I’m cognizant of the fact that I’ve been pushing it with some of these tomes I’ve been putting down here, and once again I apologize for any insult inferred. That’s not at all my desire. Some things can’t be avoided, especially when making unorthodox claims, which is part of my deal. Call it a spiritual gift. Today might be the worst, I’m afraid, because I’m not dancing around this one topic anymore, like I have before, in order to keep from horrifically offending anyone and to kind of ease into it. Now for the plunge.

My near-obsessive hunger to dive into what the truth of the scripture is (with much prayer for wisdom and guidance and understanding, digging into the Greek, researching different traditions and the evolution of church doctrine – ALL mainstream churches, for they all share this) has resulted in the inescapable conclusion that the “foundational truth of Christianity,” the doctrine of the triune God, is false.


The False Doctrine of the Trinity

The concept of the trinity is a human doctrine, added several centuries after the completion of the New Covenant scriptures, which were written by witnesses of Yeshua’s later life and ministry or taken from the accounts of witnesses.

The Nicene Council of 325 did not establish the Trinity (as I have mentioned before). It was not until the Council of Constantinople in 381 that the church officially adopted Trinity after having declared the Holy Spirit an individual “person.” This topic was still very much in debate when the trinity doctrine, championed for years by Athanasius, was pushed through. Theodotius gave it his seal, making it quite suddenly enforceable law, and declaring any dissent to be heresy.

The day before the adoption, you could debate it, and many did. The day after, you became an heretic. Fancy that. 350 years after the Roman Empire crucified Yeshua to death, the Roman Catholic Church/Empire forced the citizenry of that empire into observing a Greek-derived belief nowhere mentioned, NOT ONE TIME, in 66 books of scripture, which one might think should have been spoken of ONCE, by Yehovah, his prophets, Yeshua, his apostles, ANYONE. But, no.


How Is It Justified?

Only a handful of scattered, cherry-picked verses cobbled together to create an impression that the Trinitarian/Platonic doctrine in fact could be inferred if one took these verses entirely out of their context and clumped them together. That is the only, flimsiest shred of evidence, for this doctrine: INFERRED hundreds of years after not having been mentioned once by Yeshua. Or Yehovah. The trinity is false doctrine. Fake. Man-made. Not from Yehovah, not from his son, not from the holy spirit which proceeds from the father to lead us into all truth. It is not truth.


Why Is It Important?

It steals the Almighty’s glory, who said unequivocally, “I am Yehovah, that is my name! And I will not share my glory with anyone.” It robs Yeshua of his near-impossible achievement of triumphing over the temptations no other man could. Yehovah placed Yeshua over ALL THINGS under the heavens for his magnificent, unprecedented obedience and faithfulness, to fulfill the law and become it’s final, completing sacrifice, to end the yearly shedding of animal blood in the temple, for the atonement of sin. The perfect sacrifice, achieved by a MAN, conceived through the Holy Spirit, receiving a holy nature, but NOT GOD HIMSELF. The false doctrine of the trinity robs Yeshua, making him “big g” God. Do you suspect that something which a man finds difficult, Yehovah would find difficult? No!

The Holy Spirit is not big-g G God. Only Yehovah is big-G God, God Almighty, the Living God, the Most High God, YHVH-Tsva’ot — LORD OF HOSTS. God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Creator of heaven and earth, who was, and is, and is to come, whom Yeshua himself claimed to be HIS GOD, greater than he. Subordination totally refutes trinitarian doctrine, destroys it. “Homoousian” is a MADE UP word, adopted from Aristotelian usage, by way of the GNOSTIC heretics, and is not found prior to Gnostic coining of the phrase. This means “same in being or essence,” conferred upon Yeshua to make him GOD in 325, at Nicea, specifically to oppose Arian doctrine, and for no other reason. They just made. it. up.



It makes me incredibly sad that so many people through SO MANY centuries have fallen prey to this blatant deception, and this is across the board, from Catholic to Protestant. It’s the first thing you learn as a child or a new believer, so in effect you have NO chance to break free from this incredibly-powerful delusion, YES, delusion. The trinity IS polytheistic, Greek, even pagan falsehood.

Look up the origins of the false doctrine of the trinity, I DARE YOU. Or you can just hold onto it because it’s what you were taught as a babe. If you do not know who Yehovah REALLY IS and do not distinguish between him and a CLEARLY SUBORDINATE Yeshua by his own multiple claims in scripture, then how can you truly know either one?

It pains me to be so blunt, really it does. It was likewise very painful when this was revealed to me, and it was revealed to me during earnest searching for truth by the Spirit. AFTER which, I searched for the evidence and found it in abundance.

I tell you the truth, revealed and verified, trinity doctrine is false and hurtful to Yehovah, Yeshua, and those who claim to know and follow them.

CHECK. IT. OUT. I implore you, in the name of Yehovah and Yeshua, the Messiah, do not ignore this!

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