The Strong Delusion of The Institutional Church

The Strong Delusion of The Institutional Church

I cannot speak to the claim in the YouTube video’s synopsis of the institutional church being the “beast” from Revelation, but there’s no mention of it during this 5-minute video. The point she makes is valid, however one may feel about receiving instruction from a woman. Women can also have the truth and played vital roles in the scriptures in both the old and new covenants. I have had to struggle against this bias as well, full disclosure.

The strong delusion is real. How many truly deceived people have even the smallest suspicion that THEY may be among the deceived? Mormons? No. Muslims? No. In fact, nobody in any organized religion would ever think themselves deceived.

Two billion-plus in Christianity today. “Few there be” that find the narrow gate. Let it soak in, let the dichotomy of billions equaling “few” roll around in your head. Somebody who is certain of their church’s sole possession of the truth, is now deceived.

Do you dare to ask for wisdom? Would you want to know, for truth’s sake, for God’s sake, for Jesus’s sake? For your own sake?

DARE to ask for truth. Look around at all the people you are SURE have been deceived, none of whom ever imagining it could happen to them.


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