Seeking Truth about God’s Word

Seeking Truth about God’s Word
“And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart.” Jer. 29:13

To my friends who may well think I’ve joined a cult and been brainwashed into all this heretical talk, first let me say I’m sorry. I know it’s shocking to read these kinds of things. But you know me from over the years, and you should know by now that I am a straight shooter, conscientious, and am always seeking to be on the side of right.


The Meaning of the Word

Know that this journey has taken years of deep study that most people don’t have the luxury of pursuing, a burning desire for real truth, much prayer for guidance and wisdom, and no small amount of pain. This didn’t all just drop onto me at once, by whim. It has taken long searching into the meanings of the original Hebrew and Greek terms, which have been translated into English and comparing the various translations to find which are more faithful to original manuscripts. Mostly I prefer Young’s Literal Translation, or the Hebrew Interlinear (literal) for Old Testament, and Greek Interlinear for the New Testament writings. 

Without the original meanings, our English texts can take whatever liberties they desire, and whatever sectarian biases they feel obligated to translate into the English, to lead their flocks in a desired direction. This process ends up warping Truth, and eternal Truth is all I care about. So should it be with all children of the Almighty and servants of Yeshua. Only the Word should be our final authority, as the God of Abraham has revealed himself ONLY through His Word. No religious sect is the final authority, only the Father of us and his glorified Son. Nothing else.


Seeking Truth about God’s Word: Nothing Else Matters

I belong to no organized, institutional Christian church. I have zero fealty to any denomination. My only fealty is to heaven, to God’s throne, to Yeshua at his right hand, but I AM part of the Assembly of Jesus, to the glory of the Maker. This is all that matters to me, and I write none of these shocking posts for any other reason than to speak the truth that these arduous years of seeking, studying, and crying out to God has yielded.

I do not suggest that anyone should do anything but seek for themselves, likewise. I do not say, “Take my word alone,” because I would not have let another teach me in these things, either. Only God’s holy spirit, the Paraclete, will guide us into all truth, as the Bible says.

Truth never resides in the consensus, in the overwhelming majority. “Few there be that find it,” Yeshua said. Two billion is not “few.”

 “And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart.” – Yawheh — Jeremiah 29:13

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