Institutional Church is not Jesus’s Ekklesia

The institutional church is not Jesus’ Ekklesia
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CORRECTION:  At about 28:40, I start talking about Sunday worship, and say that the New Testament church had already developed the habit of meeting on the first day of the week, in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, hundreds of years before Constantine decreed that it would be “Sunday,” to honor the sun god.

It turns out that I do not have a scripture to back up this claim, so I must retract it.  This is my error, and I am very sorry to have been wrong about it: If this IS a Catholic practice carried over from Constantine, I would have to add it to the list of pagan practices brought from the Roman church into Protestantism, and therefore problematic.

We are not under the Mosaic Law, as Peter, James, and Paul make abundantly clear, so Sabbath worship is not commanded to we as believers.  Sabbatarians do not keep the Mosaic laws regarding Sabbath, claiming the 4th commandment as standing apart from the Law, but if you seek to observe or enforce observance of one part of the Law, you put yourself under the Law, and make the Gospel of no consequence.  You CAN worship on the 7th day, sure, but not under compulsion as a requirement to follow First Covenant precepts, definitely not as a condition for salvation or right relationship with God.  

So, my recommendation is to worship God and celebrate Jesus every weekday the same.  Do not view 7th day or 1st day worship as “keeping Sabbath.”  Sunday was never a Sabbath-replacement (we are gentiles under no Sabbath requirement), and Saturday was never OUR Sabbath, as gentiles.  And Sabbath was but a shadow of what replaced it, namely, Jesus the Christ. Observing Sabbath is but an echo of a shadow.

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