HELL IS A LIE – Ask me why!

HELL IS A LIE – Ask me why! 

Here I am with my sign, and tomorrow (July 9th), I plan to step out into our hamlet of McGregor, TX, and stand beside highway 317 (main street), and hold it for people driving by to see. I’m not foolin’ around here! I feel this is a hugely important truth, a doctrine which has wreaked complete havoc in the spirits of countless humans over a vast stretch of time, and I HATE IT with every fiber of my being.


Hell is a Lie

Who could have an honest “love” response to this threat? What is the quality of the conversions of those who only come to Yeshua to escape eternal conscious torment? How does Yehovah view those who approach his throne of glory, knowing that they believe him capable of such brutality?

I just want to try and get people thinking.  THINK for once about who the Living God actually is, about his wonderful character, which eternal hell maligns unimaginably.

Conversion Based on Fear vs. Love

And I also wonder how many of those conversions would stick if everyone found out tomorrow about the despicable lie of hell? When I found out, it took me a good while to find the reasons to “fear” Yehovah, aside from eternal flaming wretchedness. It is a huge adjustment.

But if hell was the only reason these multitudes came to God, and they left when they found out it was NEVER true? Begone. Yehovah greatly desires to know us, and for us to know him, and for us to be the bride of Christ, tending to our Master’s business until he returns. That’s the whole thing in a nutshell.

That there is no hell is incredibly liberating! Seeing the Creator for who he really is without that twisted, distorted, hateful filter between you and him, ah! But many would depart the faith without the threat of hell. Which would mean their conversion was based only on pretense, and not reality. Yehovah does not seek after such followers.



Went out today with my provocative hell-sign. Got mixed reviews from traffic passing by, of those who displayed any observable response, which was a small percentage. Three people pulled in and questioned me, two were interested, and both spoke with me about 20 minutes.

One of them was on his lunch break – he was intrigued. One was a police officer. Two units rolled into the parking lot behind me! After determining that I wasn’t a danger to myself or others (seriously!), the second unit rolled on, and I talked with a polite young officer for a good bit. 

The third person was a combat veteran wearing a Purple Heart recipient ball cap. He asked how I knew that hell was a lie, and I told him I had studied it. He asked where, and I said the Bible. Gave him a couple of references: the Greek meanings instead of the standard “hell” term in the King James, but he wasn’t interested, which was fine. Few probably would be. When he was leaving after maybe 3 minutes, he said, “This country is what gives you the freedom to think like you do.” I just said “Yes, sir,” and he drove off. I saw no need to counter him.

The first guy I mentioned speaking with asked a lot of questions, which I answered to the best of my ability. He followed to the final result, which was, “What does this mean, if actually true?” He asked what the point was for Jesus’s suffering and dying, if God will just destroy those whose names are not in the book of life. I said, “Restoration to right relationship with God, like he originally created us for.” He said that people won’t care, if there isn’t eternal hell to worry about, they just won’t bother with God at all. I reminded him that Jesus said “Narrow is the gate that leads to life, and few there be that find it.”


What Now?

That’s the biggest question, if people learn to reject eternal conscious torment: “What now?” Without the mountain of fear, what is the motivation to be saved? Saved from what? Why serve God? Or follow Jesus? Indeed.

Narrow the gate…few there be that will find it. Hell has created an ocean of pure-terror converts. Knowing Yehovah? This is not what matters. Gratitude for Yeshua’s total sacrifice is not what matters. Regretting his pain and suffering on our behalf is not what matters.

Only escaping eternal hellfire. These are not the converts Yehovah seeks.


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