False Human Doctrine – Called Out Of New Babylon

False Human Doctrine
Called Out Of New Babylon
Satan seeded the ekklesia with false human doctrine beginning 1,500-1800 years ago: false ritual, false spirit, wolves who did not spare the flock, and murder to those who opposed it.  The church as it came to be known was never the ekklesia Jesus spoke of.
When the Latin school of early religious thought took over Jesus’ ekklesia via piracy, stamping out all dissidence, it became the undisputed tyrant of the so-called “Christian” world for over a thousand years, with its own corrupted version of scriptures, its totalitarian repression, extortion, and outright thievery, to enrich itself and set itself up as the only official spokesman of God on Earth.  Painting Europe and the Mediterranean red with the blood of the saints.
Protestantism, erupting in the 16th century, set itself up in opposition to the papacy, but carried enough “foundational,” pagan, greco-roman mythology across the divide with them to tarnish their best intentions, into perpetuity.  To the world’s great loss. 
In each case, the enemy of Almighty God sowed tares into the fields, by a clever combination of true scripture and demonstrably-false human doctrines, perverting the original gospel into bad news, shouted from the rooftops.  Commandments taught of men which deprive the flock of the true knowledge of God, of Jesus, their real natures, and even the nature of man himself. 
But it doesn’t even end there, this age-long scheming of God’s enemy to steal knowledge and peace and love from the ekklesia Jesus spoke of, purchased with his blood.  No, there had to be a seal on the fate of those who, even today, have had the original gospel, God’s true nature, and Jesus’ magnificent accomplishment, shown to them by God’s own spirit. 
That blow from Satan came in the form of the “second reformation,” the Restoration movement, which spread across the globe in the 1800’s.  Luther, Calvin, Wesley, et al, did not go far enough in their break from Rome, and the time was ripe for new leaders to break from Protestantism’s false human doctrines, inherited from the Catholic church.
Trinitarian dogma, and eternal torment of the wicked, allegedly at the hands of our loving Heavenly Father, were finally rejected for the falsehoods they are, and perhaps hope had appeared at last that the true ekklesia might be found on Earth again.
But no.  Millerites, Campbellites, false prophets (Miller, Ellen White, Joseph Smith, Charles Taze Russell), Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, etc., polluted the waters with date-setting, sabbath-keeping, odd dietary restrictions, works-based salvation, exclusivism, divisiveness, extra-biblical texts, and elevation of their “prophets” words to infallibility, in their respective revelations.  Today, they largely comprise what most consider to be cults. 
The masterstroke of this treachery is that rejection of the false human doctrine of the trinity, immortality of the soul, and eternal torment (which doctrines were unknown to Israel, Jesus, the Apostles, and the body of New Testament believers), has become equated with these Restorationist, cultish organizations.   
Satan has tainted the Truth in every direction, coming and going.  The state of organized “Christian” religion today is so tangled and twisted that well-intended adherents are so deeply imprisoned in these chains, such that not one in a thousand has any hope of being freed–or any inkling of a need for it. 
No doubt the Accuser is quite satisfied with the shackles he has placed on so many of the two billion self-professed Christians in the churches of today.  And quite pleased that there seems to be no haven for those who are called out from this fallen enterprise, called out by the Holy Spirit, these believers who have loved Truth and had the scales removed from their eyes.  No doubt God’s enemy, the enemy of the cross, sees these few homeless souls as lost, beset on all sides, sailing their little vessels in a howling tempest that could capsize them at any moment, to send them down alone to the deep.
However…God.  God is with us.  God has called us.  We are his people.  The world has not seen what God can do with only a few, whose hearts are perfect towards him, in a very long time.  We are not lost; we are not alone; we are not adrift.  Jesus is our King, and he stands at our God’s right hand and mediates on our behalf, face to face with the Most High God.  God himself is watching over us, going behind us and before us, telling us, “This is the way, walk in it.”  If we can accept it, we can live fearlessly, and walk in God’s power, Jesus leading us, to do mighty things in the power of the Spirit.  No fear!
Remember Gideon!  “The sword of Yawheh, and of Gideon!”  With three hundred men, the armies of Midian and the Amalekites (“lying in the valley as numerous as locusts,”) were utterly routed, and chased far across the country as they fled in terror.
Yes, the enemy has set up his camp all about us, dug in at thousands upon thousands and ten thousands and hundred thousands of strongholds, called Catholic and Methodist and Baptist and Presbyterian and Adventist and Mormon churches, plus 30,000 other denominations. 

But God has never been outnumbered, though he be One: and all of us belong to him.  Even if we are alone, we are never outnumbered, therefore we can laugh when others fear, with Jesus as our King, and God Almighty as our strength, our shield, and our song.  Give your praise to God, and step forward!

“For the eyes of Yahweh run back and forth throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.”
  —II Chronicles 16:9

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